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CONDURIL - Engenharia, S. A., is a company that is completely dedicated to the execution of Civil Engineering and Public Works.

Founded on the 14th February 1959, it has now an extremely profound experience in this field.

Its experience coupled with the enormous range of skills of its professionals and the several facilities that it has at your disposal, makes CONDURIL a unique company in its market.

Through its multidisciplinary ability, CONDURIL is responsible for the construction of a range of works of great reputation, such as dams, bridges, highways, roads and sanitation, and its also considered the first option for those who want to work with specific requirements, such as all kinds of hydraulic works, groundwater and geotechnical works.


Acting in the domain of Civil Engineering and Public Works, CONDURIL's Objectives are:

  • be an important company in technical and economical terms;
  • be in terms of the total collaborators, a medium company, flexible with qualified personnel and high technical ability.


Our Mission is to create value to the shareholder and assure stability and satisfaction to our collaborators.


We believe we can only create wealth, that is to say, we can only win in the right way: with sincerity, trust and responsibility based on a culture of integrity, which means: Honesty, Transparency, Justice and a strict adhesion to the rules and regulations. These are our Values.

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