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Quality and Security

CONDURIL acts by a Quality and Security Policy with recognized practical results.

Its conduct has resulted in several Certifications with worldwide recognized value and it helped to achieved Merit awards from various entities.

Quality Certifications

QUALITY SYSTEM - NP EN ISO 9002 - It was certified by APCER – the Portuguese Association for Certification, in March 1988, with no. 98/CEP.665, being renewed in March 2001, in the domain of the construction of “Transport Infrastructures”, “Hydraulic Works”, and “Urbanization Works and other Infrastructures.”


QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - NP EN ISO 9001 - In February 2003, APCER certified the implementation in the design and development in civil engineering, in the domain of the construction of “Transport Infrastructures”, “Hydraulic Works”, “Urbanization Works and other Infrastructures” and “Construction Works.”


JOB SAFETY AND HEALTH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - NP 4397/ OHSAS 18001 - In April 2007 we received certification from APCER of the Job Safety and Health Management System, in keeping with rules NP 4397 and OHSAS 18001, and were awarded certificate no 2007/SST.0121, in the field of construction of "Roads and Motorways", "Hydraulic Projects", "Urban Development and Other Infrastructures" and "Building Projects".


LABORATORIAL TESTS – NP EN ISO / IEC 17025 - In December 2001, the IPQ – Portuguese Institute of Quality accredited the Conduril Central Lab in the following: aggregate, soils, and hydraulic concrete.

Quality and Security Policy

The main strategic objectives of the Quality, Environmental and Safety Policy are:

  • To meet the Client's needs, hold the Client in the highest consideration and base all dealings on honesty
  • Complying with legislation, standards, regulations and contract specifications applied to our activity and those related with the Environmental Management System and  Safety management, Health and Hygiene at work System;
  • All employees are responsible for quality, environmental and safety given that each staff member should know and put into practice those requirements inherent to the post held;
  • To meet the requirements of the Quality, Environmental and Safety Management System resulting..from the NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001, NP 4397 and OHSAS 18001 standards, in a perspective of continuous improvement, with the objective of Total Quality;
  • Promoting the development and utilisation of processes, methods, practices, materials and products with a view to preventing pollution and preserving natural resources;
  • Reducing, Reusing and Recycling the waste produced rather than eliminating it;
  • Promoting the prevention of injury and illness among workers, making their sense of motivation, personal and professional fulfillment and team spirit more agreeable to them;
  • To apply the General Safety Principles to all activities through the adoption of measures that allow danger to be eliminated, the assessment and control of unpreventable risks and the replacement of that which is dangerous for circumstances that are free of danger or of reduced danger;
  • To be acknowledged as one of the best public works' companies, within the field of civil engineering, so as to be able to answer the problems faced and meet clients' requirements;
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