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CONDURIL's works in Madeira and Azores islands


Extension of Vila Franca do Campo Port - Azores

Assignment Extension of Vila Franca do Campo Port
Localization S. Miguel island, Azores
Main characteristics - a shelter wharf approximately 500 m long;
- a large riprap, of a trapezoidal transversal profile and which has a platform above the level of +2.50;
- secondary layers, of surfacing and retention of the materials of the core, in selected riprap;
- protection layer in riprap from 50 to 80 kN, and in Antifer block of 100 kN, 350 kN and 400 kN;
- simple concrete superstructure, with a road platform 4 m wide and a small wall 1 m high;
- flattened land with a surface area of around 9000 m2;
- mooring quay made up of two sides (north and south) and a quay-bridge 110 m long, built in staves of wood;
- a floating gangway, 60 m long;
- a pit for a 70 tf crane;
- remodelling of the dry harbour ramp
Start/Finish 2007 / 2009
Participation 55%
Client Lotaçor, SA

Construction of CAO – Occupational Activities Centre

Assignment Construction of CAO – Occupational Activities Centre
Localization Vila Franca do Campo – S. Miguel - Azores
Main characteristics The social complex in Vila Franca do Campo includes the following:
- One CAO – Occupation Activities Centre, equipped with a pool for hydrotherapy and snoezelen treatments, gymnasiums, snoezelen rooms, various activity rooms, carpentry, multimedia room and others.
- One Home Assistance Building, including a kitchen and industrial laundry and garages to complement the CAO activities.
Geometric characterisation of the buildings:
Area of implantation:1,312m2
Construction area:2,390 m2
No. of storeys above ground level: 1
No. of storeys below ground level:1
Fence: 4.00 to 8.80m

Area of implantation:807 m2
Construction area: 807 m2
No. of storeys above ground:1
No.of storeys below ground: 0
Fence:4 m
Start/Finish 2009 / 2010
Participation 100%
Client Santa Casa da Misericordia de Vila Franca do Campo

Extension and remodelling of the Hospital da Horta sterilisation service

Assignment Extension and remodelling of the Hospital da Horta sterilisation service
Localization Faial Island - Horta
Main characteristics The total construction area is around 200m2, with only 30m2 referring to the extension.
The contract comprised one floor only, with a ceiling height of 3.25m, and the building is divided into 25 areas with the following functions:

1. Disinfection/Washing: Decontamination area, for receiving, washing and drying all reusable contaminated material from the user services, except for textiles.
2. Inspection/Assembly/Test:
This area is for inspecting the medical devices that have been decontaminated/washed.
3. Preparation and Packaging: This area is designed to be a positive barrier against contamination as well as providing protection for the respective content until it is used.
4. Textiles: This area is for the preparation of materials (clothes, compresses, bandages, etc.) which release a large number of particles due to their composition.
5. Autoclaves: After packaging, the medical devices are submitted to a sterilisation process, on the respective steriliser trolleys where they will be processed.
6. Sterile Store: This is where the loads are kept after sterilisation. Once checked and inspected these loads are sent to the operating rooms or are kept in stock or in quarantine.
Start/Finish 2010 / 2011
Participation 100%
Client Hospital da Horta, EPE

Requalification and Reorganisation of the Coastal Area of Horta City - 1st phase

Assignment Requalification and Reorganisation of the Coastal Area of Horta City - 1st phase
Main characteristics This contract entails a “Maritime Work” front, which briefly consists of constructing:
- A cruise and inter-island terminal (quay);
- - Embankment;
- - Turning basin;
- - Pier bridge;
- - South coastal revetment;
- - North coastal revetment;
- - River wing wall;
- - Miscellaneous equipment;
- - Infrastructures.

and a “Building” front which will include the construction of several buildings and exterior landscaping, set out below, as well as building all of the outdoor infrastructures:
- Car park;
- Maritime terminal;
- Road network
Of the main quantities used for this construction work, of note are:
- Rockfill: 300,000 m3
- Concrete: 90,000 m3
- Steel: 1,750 tonnes
- General dredging: 40,365 m3
- Construction dredging: 81,968 m3
- Landfills: 97,779 m3
Start/Finish 2010 / 2012
Participation 7,18%
Client Administration of Triangle and Western Group Ports
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