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CONDURIL's works in Portugal

CONDURIL has executed several works in Portugal and in Madeira and Azores.

Form all its works, there are two in which we have special pride: the bridge over Arades’ River in Portimão, and the bridge over the Tagus River in Santarém. Both works are among the "100 Works of Portuguese Civil Engineering of the 20th Century", selected by the Portuguese Order of Engineers.

From the range of works develloped in Portugal, the following are considered a reference:


Bridge Salgueiro Maia - Santarém

Assignment Bridge Salgueiro Maia in Santarém
Localization Santarém
Main characteristics 5,070 m engineering work in prestressed concrete. The Tagus river crossing is an axially suspended cable stayed bridge, totalling 570 m in length.

The cable stayed section is 486 m long, which is composed of a central span of 246 m, secondary spans of 78 m and outside spans of 42 m.

Construction process: Bridge – arch stones concreted in place using travellers; Access viaducts – incremental launching beams.

The foundations of both the bridge and the access viaducts are indirect, consisting of Ř 0.80 to 2.00 m reinforced concrete piles with a maximum length of 64 m, totalling 22,590 m
Start/Finish 1997/2000
Participation 50%
Client J.A.E.

IP2 Viaducts - Macedo de Cavaleiros

Assignment IP2 Main Carriageway Macedo de Cavaleiros
Localization Parish of Grijó de Vale Benfeito
Main characteristics Construction of 5 viaducts and 1 overpass in pre-stressed reinforced concrete. All the viaducts were constructed using the same superstructure – a continuous TT-section beam, 249 m in length in V5, 220 m in V2 and V3 and 191 m in V1 and V4. The total materials used to discharge the contract were: 37,300 m2 of formwork, 14,500 m3 of concrete, 1,940 ton of steel, 109 ton of pre-stressing steel and 126,100 m3 of ground-mounted falsework
Start/Finish 3/2000 to 09/2001
Participation 100%
Client ICOR

Arcossó Dam - Chaves

Assignment Arcossó Dam
Localization Chaves
Main characteristics Compacted rockfill dam with zoned profile. Waterproofing coating of reinforced concrete on upstream face. Crest length of 320 m and maximum height of 40 m
Start/Finish 1997/1999
Participation 100%
Client D.R.A.T.M.

Housings in Albufeira - Várzea da Orada

Assignment Taken over on a contract basis of construction of the Housings South Front
Localization Várzea da Orada
Main characteristics Execution of the structure, specialties and finishings of 34 housings with swimming pool
Start/Finish 2002/2003
Participation 100%
Client Actividades Agrícolas e Turísticas da Várzea da Or

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