CONDURIL develops its activity in the field of Civil Engineering and its main goal, in both technical and economic terms, is to become one of the best Portuguese engineering companies (and to be recognised by the market as such), and, at the same time, to possess the following characteristics:

  • To be a great company at a national scale, both in technical and economic terms, capable of responding to any work of civil engineering both in the domestic market and abroad.

  • To be, in terms of the total number of active people, at a national level, a medium sized company, flexible and capable of responding to different market demands, and, with great technical ability be able to, above all else, have a solid base of support for its activities abroad.


Our mission is to create lasting wealth for our shareholders and the sustainability of the best working conditions for our employees, as well as their satisfaction, as the first vector of our social responsibility.


We believe that we can only create value and wealth, that is, win in the right way. In other words: with honesty, confidence and accountability based on a culture of Integrity, which means: Honesty, Transparency, Justice and a strict adherence to the rules and regulations; these are our values and the foundations of all our principles.