CONDURIL Academy is a vocational training centre in the area of Civil Engineering and Public Works, duly accredited by the bodies that are responsible for vocational training in the countries it operates in. This academy is present in Angola since 2009, and in Mozambique since 2016. Its activity is fully funded by Conduril - Engenharia, S.A.

Although it does not receive any government subsidies by choice, the CONDURIL Academy works in strict and permanent collaboration with the Ministries of Education in Angola and Mozambique, as a facilitator in the process of literacy and school acceleration for its employees. This academy will continue its existence as long as CONDURIL may sustain its activity. It has survived and existed within a network of cooperative, interdependent and transversal work between all the departments that form CONDURIL.

The valuation of its human capital was always assumed as a priority for CONDURIL. In a specific context, such as Angola and Mozambique, with high illiteracy rates and low academic degree rates, the work basis of the CONDURIL Academy is to promote free access to an internal system of education and vocational training opportunities, generating the development of the human potential of our workers and their families.

CONDURIL believes that education/training is a structuring element of a country’s social and economic evolution, and, in fact, the CONDURIL Academy has a decisive role in its social responsibility policy and contributions it provides to the societies where it is integrated.


Illiteracy in the CONDURIL universe in Angola



In 2019, the CONDURIL Scholarship Programme for Higher Education was started, which is intended for the children of Angolan and Mozambican employees, with more than 5 years of seniority, recognised professional performance and with a precarious economic situation. 10 scholarships were awarded for the 2019 academic year and in the next years, CONDURIL estimates the award of 12 scholarships for each new academic year.


Conduril Pension Fund

In 1989, the Conduril Pension Fund was created in Portugal, fully funded by the company, for the employees who retire and comply with the By-laws, increasing the retirement pension of each employee up to 22,5% of the last salary earned. Currently, 122 former employees benefit from this fund.